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Our immune system is vital for sustaining a healthy and active life.  Decline in the immune system brought on by age and/or infection can lead to a multitude of issues including various autoimmune disorders and the reduction in defence against additional infection and disease.  

XBoost was created to relieve the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, what we found was a solution that boosts the immune system along with all the benefits this provides.

The majority of users experience the boost within a few days with improved deeper sleep and increased energy. Longer term noticable benefits include:

*Faster repair from physical damage*
*Less suscepitbility to infection/viruses and quicker recovery when you feel one coming on* 
*Skin and hair improvements*
*Overall health and wellbeing*

We recommend dosage of 2 supplements before bedtime and allowing the time for a good nights sleep.  Sleeping is our best way of repairing our body and recovering from the day, by cleansing the immune system these supplements significantly help this repair processs.

If you are a larger person or have been using for a while and find the effects waning, you can increase to 3 or 4 a day without any issue. Being an all natural product with no chemicals or drugs, the body will just use what it can without any side effects.

Studies have shown that most supplements on the market are not absorbed by the body and simply pass through providing little or zero benefit.  If any benefit is noticed then it will usually take many weeks to build up and it is not easy to associate it with the supplement being taken.  
XBoost is entirely about the high absorption of plant extracts that are proven to boost the immune system and one of the fundamental reasons why vegetables and fruit help provide a healthy lifestyle.  This high absorption means the affects and benefits are often felt within a few days. 

Everyone is different, many factors determine the current state of our immune system including age, previous illness's/infections, and life style (what we eat and what we do).  Whilst we fundamentally believe that XBoost will help repair or maintain the immune system of anyone taking it, we appreciate that for various reasons some users may not "feel" the benefit.

Overall, the majority of our users have felt the difference and whilst this is a new product with currently a small user base, we have seen big improvements from those suffering from fatigue and type two diabetes, we also believe other sufferers of autoimmune disorders can benefit from XBoost.

We fundamentally believe in working towards a sustainable future, and in doing so we only utilise ingredients from sustainable plant sources and we only use plastic free packaging.

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